Web Opinion Index

The text mining techniques allows to capture and understand people thoughts, opinions and preferences on social networks and web with respect to a certain discussed topic.

In particular, the Web Opinion Index allows to create a synthetic indicator that convert unstructured textual data into structured quantitative information, both easy to understand and that generate useful business insights.

Project Details

Category: Web Opinion Index - Color Analysis
Sector: Fashion
Period of analysis: 6 Months
Total analysed mentions: 10.000
Sources: Twitter, Reddit, Tumbrl, News, Blogs, Forums, Instagram, Facebook

The Color’s Preference Index is part of the so called Color Analysis,  which allows to deeply analyse the real preferences of many clients (or potential ones) with respect to specific color of the company’s products.

The General View shows the estimated aggregate percentage of mentions for each color on the whole period of analysis.

Moreover, by means of the cross-topic analysis it is possible to combine together the results of different analysis: for instance, the satisfaction and the color analysis. This allow to see what are the colors that really satisfy or not the (potential) customers.

Finally, it is also possible to build up a quantitative index that summarises in a single value the color’s preferences found within the textual information. The index is created using the frequencies of appearance of each color, weighting conveniently by the satisfaction rate. This is the Color’s Preference Index.


Recent Analysis