Purchase Propensity

The text mining techniques allows to capture and understand people thoughts, opinions and preferences on social networks and web with respect to a certain discussed topic.

In particular, by means of the Purchase Propensity analysis it is possible to deeply analyse the real interest of many potential customers with respect to certain brands or specific products. This way people opinions are translated to quantitative information that generate useful business insights.

Project Details

Category: Purchase Propensity
Sector: Fashion
Period of analysis: 1 Year
Total analysed mentions: 4.000
Sources: Twitter, Reddit, Tumbrl, News, Blogs, Forums, Instagram

The General View shows the estimated aggregate percentage of purchase propensity for each level on the whole period of analysis.

The purchase propensity rate varies from 1 to 4, where 1 indicates “No propensity” while 4 states “High propensity”.

The Weekly View instead allows to see how the propensity levels vary with time, revealing possible interesting trends.

It is usually of interest to analyse deeper the different paths using a qualitative peak-and-trough analysis. This specific analysis helps to reveal the underlying reasons related to high or low propensity to purchase opinions.


Recent Analysis